Rectangle stickers

A review for Rectangle stickers by Jamie Vogenthaler.


Jamie Vogenthaler

They're very helpful! My stickers came out true to size and looked exactly like my computer design. I was worried that the inks would print darker or differently but they didn't. Right when I placed my order they gave me an expected date of arrival. Even with me emailing back and forth for a couple of days with the tech dudes to improve my Proof just how I wanted it, the stickers still came at the original expected date. However, I didn't realize the package needed a signature. (Which I'm glad it did. Would have been a shame if I lost my stickers) And when the UPS man came I wasn't home and he didn't even put a paper slip up. Good thing I was tracking it (Look below for details). Speaking of the help service, they did a phenomenal job getting everything I wanted. I had a qr code and they helped me find a sticker size that enabled the qr code to work. They were good at suggesting things for my price range and were quick responders (Within the hour on most emails). Overall great service!

The one and only down I had was that they didn't give you an email that your stickers had been shipped, or no link on their website or even a FAQ regarding how to track my package. That was kind of inconvenient. But I did email their help line and they gave me my UPS tracking number.

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