WalkSource Blue/White Stickers

A review for Rectangle stickers by Brett.

WalkSource Blue/White Stickers

Good sticker, meh backing.


Love the sticker and was SUPER impressed by how quick they arrived. I and my team are having a lot of trouble getting them to come off the backing. Most stickers have some kind of back that is split so you can easily remove the paper. My only suggestion. Otherwise awesome job! :)

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Mark Baek

Thanks for the feedback. Back slitting is on our roadmap, but we are not sure when it will be available yet. You can vote for us to offer it at the following link and we'll notify you as we make progress: http://stickermule.uservoice.com/forums/47157-sticker-mule/suggestions/2001551-add-back-slit-as-a-standard-option

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