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A review for Rectangle stickers by Mike Pirnat.

Custom Lego project - good but not great

Mike Pirnat

I put together stickers for a custom Lego project for a work event. Overall I'm satisfied but it definitely could have been better. I ended up getting a plain rectangular sticker and having to slice it up myself because the kiss cut sticker sheet process can't support individual stickers below 1" square. Based on the FAQ entry that says they print at 1440 DPI, I prepped my art at a ridiculously large resolution, but the end result ended up with a lot less detail than I expected, particularly in the stickers for the minifig torso and computer screens. The "Hack Day" logo, however, turned out great, and looks really super once applied to a 2x2 Lego tile. People at work are still impressed, so it's a solid win; it just bothers my perfectionism.

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