TWeederTool Logo Sticker

A review for Rectangle stickers by Tim Brennan.

TWeederTool Logo Sticker

Decent, but could stand a few improvements

Tim Brennan

I've previously purchased my Logo Stickers for my aquatic weed removal tool, the TWeederTool, from another supplier, but decided to try stickermule. The ordering and delivery was easy and very fast. The stickers seem to be good quality vinyl that will hold up to being subjected to a lot of water and sun.
These are my only disappointments:
1) The yellow color is not as bright and vivid as it was with my other supplier;
2) The backing is not "split" for easy removal. I have to use my fingernail to work up a corner, in order to remove the backing. Not a big deal if you're only doing a few stickers but when I'm applying a hundred at a time, this becomes quite time consuming.

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