Yes Homo stickers

A review for Rounded corner stickers by Steve H.

Yes Homo stickers

Nice Stickers But CMYK Isn't Ideal

Steve H

The printing quality is excellent, and the turnaround time can't be beat. However, viewing these stickers next to the same design which was screen printed, there's simply no comparison. It's not StickerMule's fault, but the truth is that the limited gamut of CMYK printing means you'll never get stickers that "pop" the same way you can when you can use custom inks as in screen printing. Even though it costs more and takes longer, if you're doing anything where color saturation and intensity is crucial, I have to recommend screen printing.

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Danielle Smoren (Sticker Mule)

Thanks for the review! We'll reach out via email to get this resolved as quickly as possible. :)

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