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A review for Rounded corner stickers by JS Burton.

Pagan Brewer

They Worked with Me to Make it Great

JS Burton

I ordered 100 stickers with my husband's home brewing name/logo for our 20th wedding anniversary. The initial proof looked great (maybe, as my husband pointed out, it's because it was on my work computer, a Windows system monitor, which are notorious for coming out of the box with the color/brightness set to "blown out" mode). But when I got the first batch of stickers the text blended almost completely into the background color. The good contrast that I'd seen in the proof didn't come to fruition in the vinyl sticker. Everyone that I worked with at Stickermule to correct the issue was very friendly and professional. They suggested that I ask the graphic designer that I worked with to make the logo to make the text a brighter/lighter shade. They made another run of stickers that ended up looking great. They shipped them to me very quickly, too. I was impressed with the great customer service and was, ultimately, a well satisfied customer. I would recommend Stickermule whole heartedly. I would suggest, though, that if you're thinking of using tones that are close to one another and/or dark, that you look at your proof on a monitor that is well calibrated for color; or, actually, that you consider going with colors that contrast more for better "pop."

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