Rounded corner stickers

A review for Rounded corner stickers by Anonymous

you amateurs forgot to pay duty and tax, AND FAILED TO SHIP THE STICKERS!!!

Have a look at

Is this the first time you actually ship any stickers? Looks like you sent it without proper duty&tax stampage, are you sure you have done this before??? If so, then how did you manage to mess this up in such a fundamental way? Please solve this ASAP.

I paid you a shitload of money, and then again a shitload of money for the international shipping, but the stickers did NOT arrive, so I don't understand how you can send me this survey without even checking that you actually manage to send me the stickers I paid for.

I want this solved within 24 hours, and I want a discount on my next order. Please contact UPS and solve this.

Also please alert your supervisor about this major amateur disaster.

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