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A review for Rounded corner stickers by Anonymous

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Print color off

Hey Mr/Mrs Mule,

I'm sorry to inform you but we're not happy with the print color of sticker. The Blue is not correct, almost more powder blue than the sapphire blue we sent, not how we anticipated it. Furthermore, the print quality is underwhelming. The print appears to be 'fuzzy' and 'soft' which is the opposite of what we desired. We wanted a vibrant color print with crisp edges between the blue and white. This is not the case.

In not sure what you can do for us however at the moment we're not inclined to use sticker mule again.

Sorry for the crappy review but we're being honest.
Feel free to call me at the number below.


Paul Brogna
Global Director, UrbanBuddy, Inc.
+1 5186692262

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