"I'm Lichen Nature" rounded edge bumper stickers

A review for Rounded corner stickers by Whole Earth Nature School.

"I'm Lichen Nature" rounded edge bumper stickers


Whole Earth Nature School

I spent waaay too long designing our bumper stickers, and so was apprehensive when ordering: Would they look good, would they be made of a durable product, would it look and feel "quality"?

I am thrilled to say that they exceeded my expectations and even my dream. These stickers are awesome! (Note to future bumper sticker customers: Ditch the "Bumper Sticker" type of sticker and go for the rounded edge regular sticker version. You can make it the same 11.5" x 3" but if you plan on mailing them to people, I suggest making it only 10.5" wide so you can use easier-to-find envelopes!)

Can't wait to order more from StickerMule!

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