These stickers are lame.

A review for Rounded corner stickers by Anonymous

These stickers are lame.

Dull and thin

I was looking for a good marketing piece. When I received the proof, I rejected it because it looked dull and lifeless. Sticker mule contacted me, said that they would use high resolution and it would look good. When I received the stickers I was very disappointed that they were dull and lifeless. I contacted the same person. He told me that they use a matte finish and that he had said they would print good, not look good. REALLY!?!? These stickers are lame. Who wants a matte finish on stickers? Stickers are for marketing. Marketing is flashy, not dull. And to argue over print good vs. look good? Lame stickers and worse service. I ship over 400 items per month on ebay and growing so would have been ordering 5000 of these a year. Way to lose a customer Sticker Mule.

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