Furnace/AC Service Stickers

A review for Rounded corner stickers by We Fix HVAC Inc..

Furnace/AC Service Stickers

Better than expected!

We Fix HVAC Inc.

I designed branding stickers to be placed on furnaces/AC units that our company has installed or serviced. After mistakenly sending in the design without any concessions for the cutoff margins, I was extremely pleased to find out that it was done for me -- when the proof (and final stickers) arrived, they had slightly extended the background colours for me so they everything was vertically centred, and none of the original white space was cut off. It saved me the trouble of having to fix and send in a second file.

The quality of the stickers themselves are excellent. The rounded edges have no misplaced die cuts, and the vinyl feels tough but pleasingly silky. Print resolution was decent: not as good as our professionally-printed business cards from another company, but for how big the text is the fuzziness is very hard to notice. Our only complaint is that the thick backing paper is cut flush with the edge of the sticker, so peeling off the corner is a challenge even with long nails. Doubly os since we opted for rounded corners.

Although the prices should be a bit lower at large quantities, we are very impressed by the quality of the stickers are will probably continue to reorder from here.

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