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A review for Sample Pack by Andrew Clark.

Major Letdown

Andrew Clark

I've ordered stickers from every serious online shop I know of including Sticker Robot, Lancer Label, Dome Label, Maverick Label to name a few and each of them was thrilled to mail me a gob of FREE samples just for looking in their general direction.
So now I stumble upon this new shop called Sticker Mule who appears to be a quick turn-around Sticker Robot with lots of pretty pictures and a decent website to boot. Looks pretty good. Looks like it may even replace Sticker Robot.
I see they too have a sticker sample pack. I say, "Yes please!" Only to discover that I need to pay $1.00 for shipping. (It costs them 66¢) Well that's not too shabby. I'm sure it's well worth every penny. I mean if they're charging for samples they must be pretty seriously amazing stickers and a lot of them. I order 2 packs for $2.00, certain I'll be glad I ordered two.

Well, to make a long story short, they weren't amazing. They were dull and flimsy and there were only 6-7 stickers in each envelope. I was more impressed by the envelope than the stickers inside.

These stickers are digitally printed and thus the quick turnaround. I wouldn't recommend these stickers for any outdoor applications. (Pun intended). They will probably look pretty OK on a white Trapper Keeper though.

So now, I've wasted a few more bucks writing a 3-page review for my $2 stickers.

Lesson learned: If someone is selling 'samples', they already know you probably won't want to buy it. Otherwise the samples would be free.

I may use Sticker Mule for jobs that are strictly for indoor and non-abusive applications.

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