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Unfortunetely, I wasn't impressed.

Charles Riccardi

To preface this story, I come from a design background, and am currently a product designer for a small start up in Palo Alto. Not that i'm trying to boast, but might give you a little bit of background.

I opened the pack of sample stickers I ordered and to my surprise, I saw a bunch of stickers from companies I was very familiar with. This got me pretty excited. But, on further inspection I saw a great level of detail missing from the prints. Although the matte finish felt nice, the fidelity of the prints did not match the touch quality. I quickly grabbed another set of stickers I had received from a friend, who works at Path (social networking app on iOS and Android), and compared. The print was much sharper, although the sticker itself had more of a gloss then a matte finish. This did not bother me though, because the artwork fidelity was much higher. As a reference, the stickers I received from path were printed from Sticker Robot (

I hope this helps, and if you have any further questions regarding my experience, please feel free to call (805) 300-7587 or email ( me.

Thank you,

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