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A review for Sample pack by Tony Babarino.

Sample pack only

NOT what I all.

Tony Babarino

1) I ordered 3 sample packs. Stickers were 99% the same in each instead of random samples. 2) The sticker do not have the pre-score or crack back to make it easy for customers to peel-and-stick (STILL have to use the old fingernail method. Bad.) 3) None of them have the clear Glossy surface as you'd expect on a sticker....even some of them. But none have it in the sample pack. None. 4) None of the sticker samples had any photo-realistic image. None. Every sticker looked like a cartoon. Nice quality for a cartoon. But there were no sophisticated example nor any realistic/photo/extreme graphic sample in any of the 3 sample packs. The GOOD: you can low quantity purchases (50 stickers) at a good price. So, if you need high details/photo images, I don't know if they do such work. But, if you need flat images (cartoon-like) with no drop-shadow or gradient, I'm guessing you'd have to look elsewhere. I'm SURE Stickermule does a great job at a great price for what they do, but it would be good if they were more precise in describing the sticker printing they do....and make sure the sample packs are 75% (minimum) different in each pack. Good work on what I got for samples, but I expected more randomness that represents many variations in images they can/do handle.

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