Peace, Love, Bicycle

A review for Square stickers by Rolling Rook Studio.

Peace, Love, Bicycle usual!

Rolling Rook Studio

I love my new "Peace, Love, Bicycle" sticker and so do the people I've been giving it to!

My vehicle has a lot of stickers on it (a majority of them NOT Sticker Mule). I looked around at all the other stickers the other day (on my unsheltered, 24/7 exposed to the elements truck) and they are all faded. Even the one I bought a few months ago...the ink has FADED and the vinyl is starting to crack.

I don't know what magical formula Sticker Mule uses on their stickers but they last! I have some Sticker Mule stickers on my truck that are a few years old and they still look like new! It's really amazing!

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