Dark side of the pine

A review for Square stickers by Keith Babberney.

Dark side of the pine

Update: good product, good price

Keith Babberney

The stickers are thinner vinyl than some I've seen, so I am a little concerned about durability, but they seem okay. The backing paper is very hard to separate from the sticker. If I didn't know they were stickers, I might have fumbled with the corner awhile and finally decided they were just cards and given up.

Also, now that I see them IRL, I wish my design was a little different. I would beef up some of the lines so they pop more if I did another batch.

But I got what I ordered at a pretty cheap price. No real complaints.

Update: the vinyl shrank slightly over time, so now they are easy to peel. It is thicker and more durable than I expected. These are excellent stickers for a good price.

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