Antlers and Astronauts

A review for Square stickers by Alexa Terry Wilde.

Antlers and Astronauts

Stickermule truly caters to small businesses!

Alexa Terry Wilde

I had some 2x2 stickers printed by Stickermule and, when they arrived, the edges of several of them were cut jagged. Moreover, the image of my logo (which is meant to look hand-drawn) printed so light in some spots that you could hardly make out the lines. I had asked a customer service rep, prior to printing, if he thought it would print well and he assured me that it would. I just opened my first brick and mortar about a month ago and had ordered these stickers to sell at my register - because of the quality of the first batch of stickers, I wasn't able to sell them in my store and as a small business owner who is just starting out, a $67 hit is a big deal to me. So I contacted customer service again and asked if they would reprint the stickers for me with a different file. They reprinted the stickers for free and they turned out so much better the second time around! I'm so proud of them, I even hosted a giveaway via social media!

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