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My 3x3 square sticker review

Well my first initial thought was, YEY stickers are here! And then I was kind of surprised with
the quality, not in a bad way, and not necessarily in a good way, they were just different. They initially looked to be on transparent paper, I peeled a corner in one and I was expecting the white to disappear because I thought just the backing was on white board. But the white was on the sticker as well, which is how I had designed it. They feel really good quality like they will last forever anywhere you put them, because of the plastic feel to them. So I am pleased with the quality of the stickers. My only pet peeve with them, is that since they seem to be printed on some sort of plastic paper vinyl thing, to me, the colors didn't seem as bright as they should have been. Note I only had 3 colors in my stickers, a red and a darker red, and the black. I guess I expected the reds to be brighter, they seemed just a bit dull. I think this is due to the material they used to print my stickers on. But it didn't affect the overall sticker. I had ordered some stickers from somewhere else before these, and those were your standard regular feeling stickers on paper, with the shiny film over, and the red and darker red were much brighter on those. But those stickers would probably rip if you actually tried to rip them, and I can see the sticker mule stickers being tougher to rip. So that's the trade off. Overall I am happy with my stickers, and I ordered when they had a sale so they came at a good price.

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