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As always, the quality of the stickers is gorgeous. When I first arrived the sticker sheet I noticed a small error in the file. I instantly messaged them and they alerted me that the error was actually mine. Oopsies! They fixed them for me at no cost and had them to me in no time! This is why I always use Sticker Mule and recommend them to everybody!

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clean look but hard to peel off.

first time ordering, last time ordering. good: print quality is excellent. bad: having a hard time peeling it off and that is causing the sticker to wrinkle in the process.

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Love my purchase!

So excited that my sticker sheets are here, I wish I made some stickers larger however I would encourage dropping a zip file of your stickers and asking them to max out the size however it fits on the paper. Will be doing this next time!

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Could not be happier!

The matte smooth finish really makes a difference with these stickers. I have used other companies before however stickermule really has the better quality

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Will buy again

I am so pleased with my purchase! StickerMule delivered fairly quick and the quality is amazing. I will most likely be purchasing from here again!

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Super easy

Easy to order, review and receive!

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Sticker Sheets are cheaper

After doing the math, yes sticker sheets are small stickers, but they’re a lot cheaper

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Love the sheets!

The great part about the sheets, you could get more than one sticker design. I did not do it for this order but it’s a great way to get multiple designs in small quantities at a great price. The speed at which they deliver such incredible quality is unbelievable. The colors, lines and durability of the sticker far exceeds the price you pay.

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Thank you for your work

The stickers came out great and I appreciate the edit. Keep up the good work!

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Custom Vinyl Sticker Sheet

Great service provided! This sheet turned out amazing and the quality of the stickers are SO. GOOD!