Kiss cut sticker sheet 8.5"x11"

A review for Sticker sheets by Joshua Davis.

Kiss cut sticker sheet 8.5"x11"

Waste of money

Joshua Davis

Sticker sheets are terrible. Most of the "kiss" cuts aren't all the way through to the backing...It's somehow easier to pull off the clear, protective coating then to remove the stickers from the backer. This makes nearly all of the small circular stickers useless. The few that are usable take way to long to remove. The large stickers suffer from the same problem except worse. The sticker ends up tearing at the points where the cuts aren't deep enough. Total waste of money. I wish I could cancel the other two orders I placed.

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Mark Baek

Oh no! That doesn't sound normal at all, we'd love to help get this fixed. Can you email photos of the issue to

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