4x6 sticker sheet

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4x6 sticker sheet

Product SOLID Customer Service, Second to none.


Our sticker sheets are awesome. Stickermuel kept this order up for many weeks. The delay was our team using the wrong tool to create crisp clean images. That is our falut and we're working on learning new tools to get our ideas in print that will be even better in the future.

Long story short our design ideas was lost in translation and when we received our sheets they were wrong. Not bad, just one detail was off.

When we contacted Stickermuel they quickly fixed the issue. Sent us the second proof and shipped a new corrected order our way.

One of our staff took a look at the new stickers and said wow, I LOVE THESE, the feel, the look the quality. We are excited.

Stickermuel has outdone themselves and I am very excited to continue to us Stickermuel for all of our needs.

Thanks for taking care of us and expect many more orders from us.

If possible we would like our design and company to stay anonymous but feel free to use our quote.

Thanks again!

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