Arrrgh Zahmbies!!

A review for Sticker sheets by Chelsea Edwards.

Arrrgh Zahmbies!!

Great Color Matching!

Chelsea Edwards

I was kind of nervous about the color matching with some of the comments I had read prior to ordering. I was very careful with the color choices I had made, and made sure they fit into the CMYK family. I think the stickers came out better than I had anticipated for the color!

Only issue I have with the sticker sheets was the match of the kiss-cut - I was expecting an indentation, like on a traditional sticker sheet, and not to actually see the paper under the sticker. These are very a-symmetrical kiss-cuts and left more of the underlying paper showing than desired.

Other than that, I really like them. They feel nice because they are vinyl and seem like they would last a long time which I appreciate.

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