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A review for Sticker sheets by Bob Hewitt.

Look gorgeous :) Some won't peel :( [EDIT: They fixed it!]

Bob Hewitt

I've gotten 4-5 orders of these stickers from Sticker Mule. They are *beautiful* and in the past, the few issues I've had Sticker Mule has sent me free replacements at no charge. Their customer service is really amazing.

The last batch I got though wasn't cut deep enough and I struggle to peel the stickers off. I ruin about 1 in 5, and my sheets are all mashed up from the effort. Definitely a bummer :\

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Mark Baek

Sorry for any issues peeling the stickers! Can you email a photograph to that indicates the problem? Quality issues are rare, but they happen on occasion and we strive to address them as fast as possible.

Bob Hewitt

Here you go. With this batch I'm either separating the plastic from the sticker or digging so deep that I'm just tearing into the paper backing. I'll email now. Thanks again for the speedy response!

Bob Hewitt

Again awesome service! Sticker Mule corrected the error the next day!!

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