Squid Stickers

A review for Sticker sheets by Janette Kim.

Squid Stickers

Some minor mistakes, but overall impressed!

Janette Kim

Fast Turnaround, very impressed by how fast the sheets were shipped.

Cut line is for the most part clean, but 2 stickers on the upper left had a little bump that didn't match up with the cut line of the stickers right next to them.

I'm thinking maybe this is a machine issue as the stickers who had this problem have identically shaped stickers right next to them who didn't have this little bump in the cut line. I had to get a pair of tiny scissors and clean up this mistake on all the sheets I received.

Also with my first initial order, the first sticker sheet seemed to have bubble mailer imprints all over it, and I'm wondering if more reinforced shipping materials could be an option to protect the stickers inside. It was just the one sheet that was marred, but something to keep in mind for people buying in small quantities.

Stickers printed just a tad dark, but nothing to cry about. I'll have to keep that in mind next time, but overall the sheets are very vibrant and colorful.

I wouldn't mind reordering from Sticker Mule again but I do hope they fix the minor bump in the cut line.

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