Transfer stickers for client

A review for Transfer stickers by vanillashake media.

Transfer stickers for client

Stickers came back black instead of white :(

vanillashake media

Apparently transfer stickers only come in black. We placed an order for white transfer stickers, but nowhere on the site does it mention that transfer stickers only come in black. We submitted our order in white, but no one from the stickermule team was able to notify us that white transfer stickers aren't available. So you can imagine how surprised we were to receive black stickers instead of white. We had to find another place to resolve this on an extremely tight deadline, and all we got as compensation for stickermule's mistake was a credit for $50, when the cost of the product was close to $300. We understand if it was our fault, but in this case stickermule failed to be transparent about their product and capabilities, and failed to notify us when there was a misunderstanding — now we have to pay for it :(

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