Transfer stickers

A review for Transfer stickers by Beau Tonkin.

Good stickers, terrible presentation / packaging

Beau Tonkin

We sell our transfer stickers individually, and it's important that they are a premium product. We've ordered these transfer stickers twice now, and both times every sticker has been cut to a different size, with uneven borders around the logo. It looks so unprofessional for StickerMule, and we can't sell them like that. Therefore, we have to cut each sticker ourselves so that the borders are straight and even, before sending them out to our customers. Pick up your game guys, it's not hard to get this right.

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Kalie Bishop (Sticker Mule)

Thanks for the feedback! We will reach out via email to get this sorted out as quickly as possible!


We are still tweaking the cut patterns. Apologies for the inconsistency between orders. We hope to have a standardized solution soon.

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