Tramsfer Stickers

A review for Transfer stickers by SARATOGA HORSEWORKS.

Tramsfer Stickers

Disappointed with Varying Quality


We ordered 200 transfer stickers and 400 label stickers to be placed on a fabric product. The label stickers stuck, but the transfer stickers did not stick at all even after leaving the transfers to cure to 24 hrs as suggested. In fact the stickers stuck to the transfer sheet way better than the fabric. Disappointed with the results as the company claims these stickers stick to just about anything (but after talking to them they say only smooth, non-flexible surfaces). Why did the label stickers stick and the transfer stickers didn't? Only answer we received was that there was a minimal difference between the two types and they couldn't guarantee that any of their products would work. Guess we will continue our search for a quality transfer company elsewhere.

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