Hearts and Horsepower

A review for Transfer stickers by Anonymous

Hearts and Horsepower

I'm amazed. Absolutely impressive work, Stickermule!

First off, Stickermule got back to me within 6 hours of my first logo request, which is amazing. I ran into some problems because my original logo wouldn't work with the transfer stricker type so they gave me the option to run with a different sticker type to make my original logo work, but I still wanted a transfer sticker. I was pretty worried that I wasn't going to get what I wanted. Then I asked if they could take some detail out of my logo to make a transfer sticker possible. Within ONE HOUR, they had a completely new edit of my logo ready and it looked amazing. Not only that but they even did it for me with no extra costs. I can't thank these guys enough and I will recommend Stickermule to anyone I can. I'm completely speechless with how well these guys did and helped me with no extra cost. Thank you very much, Stickermule!

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