Logo transfer stickers

A review for Transfer stickers by Olivia Todd-Strandh.

Logo transfer stickers

Transfer stickers

Olivia Todd-Strandh

Got my company logo to put on the cover of my sketchbooks. The stickers are working out very nicely. The white of the stickers is 100% opaque over the black, yet thin enough that the pebble texture detail on the cover shows through so it looks like my books were made with this design on the cover. So far, the stickers are waterproof, too. I'm definitely ordering more when I run out. The reason I don't prefer standard stickers for my books is because they always peel off or get dingy-looking over time, while these look professional. Next time, I'm going to get them in black, so it's black matte (the transfer stickers) on black semi-gloss (my sketchbooks).

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