Underground Overdrive wall art logo and extra cutouts

A review for Wall graphics by Wicked.

Underground Overdrive wall art logo and extra cutouts

A++ customer service


I test online sites all the time, finding their service pinch points by default. I consider myself a power user of sorts, doing ongoing research and promoting the best online services whenever possible. So... I'm a bit of a pain in the a$$!
I'm also a designer and know that print is a wild animal to try and tame in the digital world - not being able to physically "see" something makes it hard to proof.
That said, I've been testing the new products rolling out of StickerMule and have been impressed every step of the way until...
I wanted to test their vinyl wall prints (movable) and designed art with our logo PLUS some extra wall stickers since I would be cutting out what I needed. I thought I tested on various screens for darkness as CMYK files need to be much lighter for the print to come out properly.
My first pass was too dark and I wasn't going to use it, so I reviewed as such - not blaming anyone but me, really.
Customer service got right up on it and, through a number of emails, essentially got me to accept a brightness-adjusted reprint as a replacement. It shipped immediately! I literally got it the next day. I am eternally grateful for the care they take in making things right, even when it's not their fault.
StickerMule is my goto now for the things they can do for me. I look forward to promoting our next adventure with their products.

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