CrankWheel logo stickers

A review for Wall graphics by Jói Sigurdsson.

CrankWheel logo stickers

Good quality wall stickers but could have wished for better instructions

Jói Sigurdsson

These stickers are great and look really good when properly mounted. My only gripe is that the instructions state that for stickers smaller than 2 ft. you can remove the whole backing and apply them. I tried this but had to carefully remove the sticker and start again, with advice from someone with experience, and that advice was essentially what StickerMule recommends for larger stickers - to start by taping the sticker with the backing paper on, find the proper position and level, then start at the top (or in my case, the end) by cutting through some of the paper backing (StickerMule does this cut for you for larger stickers), then apply from there. Once I did it this way, the application was perfect.

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