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Great quality!

Love that you've added this product! Hope that in the future we can choose sizes - would prefer to have 12" x 15.5" (better for sweatshirts / multiple shirts), but still pleased with what's available.

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These came out GREAT!

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Super cool and what I have been looking for!

I love the bags! Hope the offer them in more sizes and also with the option to have a tiled background on both sides with the main image in the middle. Or even just a tiled effect with different size levels for the image would be nice.

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Excellent work

My poly envelopes look fantastic. The image reproduction is perfect.

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Excellent print quality but not recycled

Awesome print quality as usual, StickerMule! These are great and really fun mailers for special items. But, the mailer itself is not recycled. I wish that you offered mailers from EcoEnclose (or other post consumer recycled mailer) so that I could have some printed AND be sustainable. I don't think I'd buy these again because I think mailers should be recycled.

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Sharp printing. Fast Delivery = Perfection

The sharpness of the lines on the poly-mailer is superb. As always, sticker mule is super fast at turn-around, and I was very happy with the timeline for delivery. Definite win.

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Perforation is suspect

Tore a mailer (the perforation) while gently placing a tshirt inside. I worry that the shippers (especially USPS) will cause packages to open in route due to poor quality of the perforation. I would order again but definitely not for $97 for 50.

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Mailers - Not the best quality

The mailers were super thin & have a very strong smell of ink/chemicals. We ship a lot of clothing and were hoping for a great quality mailer w our logo however these will not work for us. Love the look of our logo on the mailer but the mailer itself is very poor quality.

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Nice look and feel

The printing on my poly envelopes came out really crisp it's a great print job and a nice quality. Unfortunately these envelopes offer very little protection for my items in shipping. I would love to see a similar item lined w bubble wrap.

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Amazing Mailers

Received my mailers about two weeks and I am so glad I ordered. Sturdy mailers that have my logo perfectly printed. By far one of the best investments for shipping my products. Always perfect when I use Sticker Mule I never have to worry about anything.