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Amazing and beautiful packing tape ever!

I got my packing tape among other items, I received a discount on my entire order as I ordered a few more items. I received everything well packaged and the delivery fast as promised. I cannot wait to use my packing tape on my first international order. Thank you so much StickerMule.

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Polybag Review!

These are awesome! The Polybags look amazing and have great colors! I can not wait to use these for my online orders.

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Crap hanging from the sides

There was like fine plastic strings hanging from the sides. Have to remove them before each mailing, inconvenient.

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Poly Mailers with photos

I am in love with these poly mailers. They are beautiful even with photographs!

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Packing Tape

I love this packing tape, the only issue I have is that the artwork was altered in photoshop in order to make it go to the edge at the top and bottom. I couldn't really see it in the proof so I approved it, but I would have been more than happy to submit new artwork that was tall enough so it didn't have to be altered. My artwork has animals on it, so the animal legs are all wonky and there are... Saiba mais

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Looked good

The tape looked good and the cuisine service wad excellent! I had an employee order this last time and age no longer worked for us. The support agent helped me right away and checked back twice to make sure it was right. The only down side was I didn't realize it was the kind of tape that you had to get wet...I thought it would be self adhesive. Hopefully you have that option the next time I ... Saiba mais

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It's All About Making Every Penny Count and Marketing The Crap out of What you Do!

Our product ships turned on so Every Android cell phone within 300 Meters get lit up with our advertisement and our customers advertisement and by putting them in custom packaging they are getting 100 fold the exposure just as they go through the mail. We have had postal workers who knew business owners who took a snap shot of the package and the advertisement that popped up on their phone and... Saiba mais

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Sharp image poly mailers

Just the size I needed for mailing T-shirt orders, my logo came out real sharp and the scan code around it is real clear!

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highly recommend!

I loved the quick service and turn around. They have a very effective way of showing your proof to speed up your order and delivery process. On top of that the product is great!

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Packaging Tape

Exquisite tape! Great customer service and affordable prices. I couldn’t ask for better!