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Surprisingly Amazing.

Conner Herbison

If you’re on the fence about letting them send this to you. Do it. It’s really good hot sauce.

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Arguably 1 of the best hot sauces

Trevor Jones

I've tried all the hot sauces from Hot Ones and this one is simply the tastiest without being way too damn hot! Good job team! Nobody believes me when I say the best hot sauce comes from a sticker company!

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Quirky yet cool promotional item from Stickermule

Josh Meredith

I like this sauce. We've got all the typical hot sauces in the refrigerators at home and work, yet Mule Sauce is almost always what I use. And as a frequent Sticker Mule customer, I've got bottles of it coming out of my ears. Which is fine, because as a fan of the sauce, this is how I ensure a steady supply. I'm well stocked at home and work. In fact I have enough of it to give bottles ... Saiba mais

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Mule Sauce Kicks!

Veterans Assistance Commission of Vermilion County

Very nice blend of peppers. A little goes a long way, and we like to spice up our foods.

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My husband's favorite!

The Type Set Co.

He literally looks for the stickermule packages to arrive when he's low on hot sauce. This is his favorite!

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Never had a more perfect sauce

Antonette Baumann

I wasn’t particularly interested in the Mule Sauce, but when it came free with my large sticker order I thought I’d give it a try the next time I wanted something spicy. I was raised on good hot sauce so I’m a bit picky when it comes to it and Mule Sauce is a favorite now after trying it. It has a perfect heat level that doesn’t over power the food it’s put on and has a genuine flavor outside o... Saiba mais

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Shelley torrez

What a nice bonus!! And delicious!

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Soggy box of sauce..

The Burbank Aquarium

Not sure why I got a bottle of mule sauce with my sticker order, but it was busted upon delivery and the box was soggy with it. Thank god the stickers were wrapped in plastic.

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Great Hot Sauce!!

Adam Ogilvie

You wouldn't have expected this, but this sticker company makes a FANTASTIC Hot Sauce! I ordered some stickers and their sticker a great too, but their Hot Sauce is on point. I'm not a Hot Sauce connoisseur by no means but this Hot Sauce made our Taco Tuesday even better so I had to order more. Also my family and friends love it as well. I might even order some as Christmas gifts.

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Flavor is great

Mike Krueger

The flavor is great. Packaging looks awesome. Only small complaint is that the design of how much comes out is pretty bad. You seem to shake like crazy for a drop or two.