Why did my size change during proofing?

You size could change during proofing for two reasons:

Your actual size is smaller than the size purchased.

For example, it's quite common for customers to order 3" x 3" stickers when their actual size is 3" x 2.8". When this happens, we automatically reduce the cost of your order.

You asked us to increase the size.

When increasing a size based on your request, we will scale the artwork to size closest to your requested size if we cannot hit it exactly. For example, if you ask us to increase your size from 3" x 2" to 6" x 6" we would increase it to 4" x 6" because that's the closest size we can hit based on your design.

What happens when your size changes.

When your size changes we indicate the new size and price on the proof approval page. If you're unhappy with the new size or price you can request additional changes to your order during proofing. Changes are not possible after approval since we begin printing immediately to ensure fast turnaround.