A review for Die cut stickers by Victor.


Order mix-up


After a messy order with a previous provider which I explained to StickerMule in detail, I was understandably nervous about ordering with anybody else any time soon. I was given all sorts of assurances that nothing would go wrong with this one. I was sent a couple of final proofs and even got a call from a very friendly designer to ensure that I would be happy with my final proof.

To my surprise, I got a sticker that was not what I had ordered. I specifically asked (several times) for an inside sticker to be seen from the outside. I reiterated this during my telephone conversation and in several emails to StickerMule. The problem was that I was offered a special deal AFTER approving my final proof and BEFORE making the payment. And apparently this special offer changed the proof I had just approved!!!! Seriously?!?!?

So I received an outside sticker that cannot be glued to a door or window from the inside. I immediately called StickerMule who accepted the fact that I had insisted on an inside sticker throughout the whole process but did not accept responsibility for changing this order at the final stages of placing it.

I have since been offered discounts to place new orders but my trust has been damaged. Not another penny until this situation is FULLY rectified!

By the way, the stickers are great, they’re just made the wrong way...