So the stickers are awesome. The proofing was awesome - then horrendous.

Drew Noel

First of all - I love Sticker Mule. I've used them for years.

I submitted an order and accidentally an early version. Thankfully the proof was there and I caught my mistake. They allow you to update the file if necessary which is what I did... and that's where the issues began.

The first proof was the correct crop and looked perfect so I uploaded the new file and said It looks perfect - just update the file if you could!

2nd proof was the file sitting with white space around it (a rectangle in the oval sticker) so I said crop in - and use the the design edges as bleed. (aka it's a 3x5 rectangle on a 3x5 oval sticker - fill the sticker.

3rd proof. they zoom in about 5% and say - this shows your design without loss of image.

I explain once again that it's bleed space and they can crop in the exact same as proof 1.

4th proof. They actually edit my image into some mutant image and send it back, Once again not cropping in.

I explain, please don't edit the image just crop in on the original image same as proof 1. The design has bleed space designed in it.

5th proof. They zoom in 5% while still leaving most of their updated design in it (a mutant tree that wasn't part of the original design.)

I ask if they're just playing with me at this point and go home and redesign the image as a .PNG oval (wasn't sure if I could upload that originally so I sent them a properly sized jpg)

6th proof. FINALLY. Note to self - next time just send a .PNG..... hopefully that will make sense to them.

StickerMule - Pleaseeeeeeeee. maybe just give the proofers a bit of education or a cheat sheet with common design terminology. I'm still going to be ordering from you as I love your stuff. But it was almost comical how bad that exchange was.

Even with this taking over a day to finalize I still received my order on time - so KUDOS to that.

Also -Mule sauce is pretty damn good.

Like this? It's easy to order your own oval stickers too 🙂