Will you sponsor my organization?

We provide in-kind sponsorships to a limited number of organizations depending on their background. Our guidelines for sponsorship eligibility are:


We enjoy sponsoring design & development conferences. If you're interested in having us provide stickers for your event, contact us.


We provide discounts to valid 501(c)(3) nonprofits. To receive a nonprofit discount, contact us

Open source projects

We're fond of making stickers for open source projects. If you run an open source project and need assistance getting stickers, contact us.


We will give any interested hackathon $25 off orders greater than $100. There are a lot of hackathons each year so we are strict about enforcing a standardized discount.

Youtube & TwitchTV

We do not currently sponsor any YouTube or TwitchTV accounts.

Athletes & celebrities

We do not currently offer sponsorship for athletes or celebrities.