Honestly a bit disappointed...


One of the charms had a side broken off and the edges are either far too rough or are damaged because of what I assume is the laser which is used for cutting. The protective film to prevent scratching is only on one side (Only on the acrylic side) while the one with the print is left unprotected, leaving the possibility of damage during shipping. The charms in general were put into a plastic bag but not wrapped into bubble foil at all, it was just squashed below it which also gives another risk of damage during shipping. Tbh, I can overlook that the white colored layer was around 1mm off from the printed image but the orders in a whole really made me rethink of ordering anything acrylic related on here. Though, it's very sweet that each charm had a metal hook provided for your own assembly though, that offers at least less of a headache to order extra hooks!