Introducing custom size roll labels

We recently updated our custom labels to feature custom sizes. Previously, we offered 5 fixed sizes for each shape of label. Now customers can enter an exact size when ordering their roll labels.

Custom sizes allow customers to get the exact size needed for product labeling, packaging, and other specific uses. We’ve found that small businesses and new ecommerce shops use roll labels when they expand their customer base and begin focusing on scaling their production.

Sticker Mule first launched circle roll labels in March 2016. Today, we offer three additional shapes: oval roll labels, square roll labels, and rectangle roll labels.

Our roll label quality exceeds anything on the market today. We use the latest generation of print technology that's currently unique to Sticker Mule and offer the highest quality materials available to deliver roll labels that are durable, waterproof and feature a beautiful matte finish. Printed in full color with a matte finish on BOPP material. Each label has a laminate that protects them from moisture making them ideal for beverage and food applications.

Circle Roll Labels


Our first roll label and our most popular, custom circle roll labels have an unlimited number of uses. From labeling jar lids, to the products, circles are versatile and work for any surface — curved or straight.

Oval Roll Labels


Custom oval roll labels offer a protective laminate and strong adhesive make oval labels ideal for beverage, food, and cosmetic applications. Like all of our roll labels, these are easy to peel and can speed up production and shipping for small shops and large businesses.

Square Roll Labels


Custom square roll labels are ideal for product labels, gift and box packaging, events and more. We’ve seen a number of merchants and small shops use square labels to add an extra layer of customization to their packaging; in some cases turning a standard box into a custom unboxing experience.

Rectangle Roll Labels


Custom rectangle roll labels are most often used to label products like bottled drinks, cosmetics (including beard oil) and also for shipping. Each rectangle label is precisely cut and made with a matte finish that is perfect for bright colors and crisp designs. A protective laminate and strong adhesive make them able to stand up to production.

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