Beautiful Signs, but...

Dakota Hills Middle School Parent Booster Club

The signs turned out beautifully looking. My only concern is that they are a pretty flimsy plastic, and I had thought they were going to be the corrugated/thicker plastic signs I've ordered in the past from a different vendor. Since it's winter and pretty windy, I am concerned they might blow off the stakes, so I put some glue dots to keep each plastic side together and prevent it from blowing off. I appreciate they fit perfectly over the stakes, but when the ground is frozen up here in the frozen tundra, they were a challenge to get them into the ground without the middle piece across the bottom of some stakes to make it easier to push them down. I had to use a mallet to help get them into the ground. Also the sides of the signs towards the bottom started to rip up the sides as we were installing them, again because of the hard ground. Next time I would do it differently and install the stake first, THEN put the sign over the stake to prevent any potential tearing. Unfortunately, I might only get the one week's use out of these vs. year over year like the corrugated/thicker ones I bought several years ago.


Comme ça ? Il est aussi facile de passer vos propres commandes de yard signs 🙂