Stickers en VSCO

Stickers en VSCO

Dessinez plusieurs stickers en VSCO qui peuvent être placés sur une seule planche de stickers.

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Stickers en VSCO
Livraison gratuite en 4 jours

Livraison gratuite en 4 jours

Recevez rapidement vos stickers en vsco grâce au délai de production de 4 jours et à la livraison gratuite.

Obtenez un bon à tirer (BAT) en ligne gratuit

Obtenez un bon à tirer (BAT) en ligne gratuit

Consultez votre bon à tirer (BAT) peu après la confirmation de votre commande et demandez autant de modifications que nécessaire.

Résistant et étanche

Résistant et étanche

Vinyle épais et résistant qui protège vos stickers en vsco des rayures, de la pluie et du soleil.

Oh oui.

Placez-vous toutes les designs possibles sur une planche de stickers personnalisés. Chaque sticker sera découpé à mi-chair pour être décollé facilement. Vous pouvez utiliser nos modèles ou simplement uploader un fichier qui contient vos images et nous les mettrons en page pour vous.


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  • Exactly what I hoped for


    Had some trouble with uploading the sticker sheet the way I had it laid out and everyone was so quick to respond and very helpful. The final product turned out perfect

  • Sticker sheets are AMAZING!

    Denise Rowlett

    We love, love, love the sticker sheets! The design team was so helpful making sure the layout and images were appropriate to ensure good print quality. We only ordered 10 at first because we weren't sure what to expect, but ended up ordering 150 more! We will definitely be designing more sticker sheets!

  • High quality & fast delivery

    Luka Ferlan

    We ordered the sticker sheets for our employee onboarding welcome packages and I have to say that we’re really satisfied with the result. The order process was simple (we provided an AI file with the die cut paths) and fast. The delivery even faster (we received the order 5 days earlier :) And most importantly, the stickers are really nice. Thick material with a mat finish and they don’t leave re...

  • So good!


    These are great quality! Even those with no sticker experience commented on the quality. Adnd they came the day they said they would. Thanks for the extra treats as well!

  • So cute!!

    Hu Jun Yi

    First time ordering from sticker mule and stickers came out great! Will definitely work w u guys again :)

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