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  • Stickers

    Jerrod Witt

    I was not 100% satisfied. I felt that the stickers should have been a bit higher quality since I paid $68 for them. Overall, they will serve the purpose that I needed them for, but they were definitely not worth what I paid. I would have preferred a higher quality sticker with a glossier finish and one of them has already lost its adhesiveness after being on my desktop for only a week. However, I ...

  • Graduate Art Student

    Kaitlyn Hunter

    Im wicked pleased with my stickers, they came out amazing! I was really impressed with the quality and image resolution. I also really liked that I got to approve my proof before it was printed and that it was easy to ask questions and make changes. I will me making more stickers for sure !!

  • Three Thumbs Up!

    Glitschka Studios

    Print quality is impeccable! The color accuracy was impressive compared to other vendors like Sticker Robot. Resolution is continuous tone and can accurately carry a full blown illustration with refined detailing. My one and only suggestion is to offer more iterations for picking quantity. I would have liked the ability to order 700 instead of just 500 but it only jumped to 1,000 with no iterat...

  • Amazing Product


    We ordered our stickers from sticker mule thinking we might get a product we'd like. We got the design back quickly & it was exactly what we wanted. The stickers arrived quickly & looked even better than the proof. We'll definitely be ordering more shortly!!

  • Good stickers, not so good price

    Jeff Hilnbrand

    We love these stickers! The colors look accurate and the die-cutting is precise. But still, they come in at about a quarter per sticker, and as a self-funded student group, I'm not sure we'll be returning to Sticker Mule for a reprint.

  • YAY!

    michele spiezia

    Sticker mule is awesome. Our die cut stickers rule.

  • sticker mule rocks (as usual)

    michele spiezia

    We've used sticker mule on a number of occasions. Their service, promptness, & quality for die cut stickers is AWESOME.

  • Incredible!

    James Riley

    These stickers are such high quality and shipped within a week of my order. I will be coming back time and time again.

  • Great Stickers

    Robert Armstrong

    Great quality. Super fast turnaround and delivery....a really good company. Impressed every time I order!

  • Great Print Quality!


    The ONLY thing I would change is that the back is hard to peel off. So maybe a split back?