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How to customize your address label

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It’s your wedding. Christmas. Your thirtieth birthday. Maybe you just want to throw a big party. Now imagine yourself at your writing desk, repeatedly writing down your return address on the invitation envelopes. It’s okay for the first fifteen, but by the twentieth, you notice that your handwriting is getting a bit shaky.

Soon, you can barely move your fingers and you notice that your address is getting shorter and shorter. You could always print it out on your computer, but there’s just no personality in the Times New Roman text. Then there’s that whole mess with glue and tape. The easy answer? Customizable address labels.

Think of a personalized address sticker as a kind of signature to your letter or gift. It inadvertently speaks about the thought you put in it. And while writing in longhand does share a touching sentiment, you can convey the same emotion effortlessly with your own fun return address labels.

Where can you use address labels?



This seems like a fairly obvious choice, but snail mail is making quite a comeback. You don’t even have to send letters over post to use a fun custom address label. Simply stick them on your envelopes and parcels instead of a signature. You can even use them as gift tags.


Selling something? Mailing labels are simple and concise and they get the message across with ease. Stick them at the back of your product to let customers know how they can reach you—for feedback, more orders, and just a general question.


Apply these stickers to your personal items. Trust us, you’ll never confuse that stapler with your colleague’s ever again. Lent a book to a friend? He will definitely return it because it has your name on it in a big, beautiful, conspicuous label.


Do you have a personal logo or symbol that you simply want to own? There’s no better way to establish your brand than by sticking it everywhere—on your things, on everything where you can put your name.

Give them to someone

Beautifully laid-out name stickers would make the perfect gifts for everyone, from excited newlyweds to that friend who’s finally been promoted to your compulsive aunt who loves to label everything.

Quick tips on designing your address labels

Here’s the first thing to remember: stand out. Make sure your envelope or box sticks out from the pile in the mailing room with the right design.

Keep it short and simple

Decide on the text you want to include. Address labels have to be a certain size, that is, don’t make them too big. There’s only a certain amount of stuff you can pile on. If you want your mailing label to be conspicuous, try not to crowd the space with text. Do you want to highlight your name? Your full name? Your entire address complete with a zip code?

If you’re using your letter stickers for business, you might want to be succinct and formal with your full name, position, and address, but if you’re designing it for friends and family, then you have a little more leeway for fun.

Mix and match the colors

By nature, address labels are quite small, maybe four inches wide at most (although Sticker Mule can definitely adjust the size and shape of your sticker label to your preferences). Make sure to choose the complementing colors for the text and background so that each detail could still be seen. Remember: your address sticker has to be legible.

Go with a theme

If you’re not really savvy with design, going with a theme will help you streamline your ideas. It can also help convey your brand. Are you earthy and holistic? Go for warm tones with nature elements. Are you flamboyant and a little flashy? Bright colors are the way to go. Having a template, even a free ready-built one will make things easier for you on the design side.

Add extra visual elements

Do you have a logo handy? You might want to put that in there to strengthen your brand. Are you using these labels as gift tags? Make it a touch more sentimental by inserting a photo of your family or dog.


It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of designing custom address labels, but don’t forget the essentials. Read your text. Make sure you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Check for typos, misspellings, loose punctuation. Is your house number correct? Yes? Then, it’s time for printing.

How to get customized address labels?

Everything is smooth sailing once the design is done. At Sticker Mule, you can get your custom labels as fast as four days, which means that in less than a week, you’ll be attaching your name on everything. Seriously, they can print as many as 10,000 labels (and you’ll be saving 95% in the bill).

Specify your size and quantity

This is the very first step, which is easy enough because you already have your template ready. Sticker Mule offers stickers in square shapes, but they also accommodate custom sizes. You can have as few as a 50-piece roll, but it’s always more advisable to buy these things in bulk.

Upload your design

You already have it. Just send it out. If you’re having design hesitations, Sticker Mule even allows you to skip this step until you are ready to dive in and make that commitment.

Check out

Check your sizing, quantity, and make sure you’ve uploaded the proper file. You’ll be asked to pay upon checkout. Remember, and we can’t emphasize it enough, the more you order, the more you save. You can even purchase other kinds of stickers, apart from address labels to avail special discounts.

Check the proofs

In a matter of hours, you’ll receive the proofs of your design. At this step, you get to check how your design will look against the sticker paper. There might be subtle changes to your colors and fonts and minor adjustments may be required.

Sticker away

Happy labeling!

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