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How to print your dog on a shirt

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Who doesn’t love a good ol’ custom t-shirt? Since this simple garment rose to become the most popular piece of clothing in modern civilization, we've never stopped looking for ways to make it stand out — far-fetched designs, bright colors, and unique graphics. The main thing is the pursuit of individuality, of a custom look.

custom t-shirt with your dog photo

Our love of uniqueness is so great, in fact, that it seems to extend to our very canine companions.

Like person, like pet

Remember the opening scene in The 101 Dalmatians where a bored Pongo watches as women stroll up and down the street — each with a dog very similar to herself? Well, it turns out there is some scientific truth to this humorous observation. People do actually pick dogs that resemble them. Subconsciously, we project something of our own unique features onto our dog friends.

custom t-shirts of your dog photo

Yes, go ahead and look at your pet, look at yourself in the mirror. Now once you accept the unquestionable, uncanny similarity, what's next? 

The answer is obvious: Join your enthusiasm for custom tees with your appreciation for your loyal companion! Add your dog's mugshot to your next t-shirt and proudly flaunt it for the world to see.

Step 1) Find a cool photo of your dog

That should go without saying, but it's still worth emphasizing — it's the most important step. So take your time and go through the hundreds of pet pictures we know you have on your camera roll, and make sure you really get the pick of the litter. 

For a great, natural shot, you want a photograph that checks all these boxes:

  • Has great natural lighting
  • Your dog is the focal point
  • It captures a memorable pose or look

If it's one of those hilarious, one-in-a-thousand moments, then all the better!

Step 2) Use Trace to remove the background

free background remover tool

Trace is one of the most popular tools in the Sticker Mule editing toolbox and for good reason. You upload your picture, click a satisfyingly orange button and, before your dog can bark twice, you've got yourself an outline of the main subject of your picture.

Another click and your picture is downloaded and ready for printing.

Step 3) Further improve your photo with Redraw (optional)

If you want to make sure you get the best quality for your picture before printing, then Redraw is here for you. It'll convert your file into a real HD-like vector picture to be printed at absolutely any size you choose.

Again, it's all a simple extra step:

  • Upload your newly downloaded photo to Redraw (use drag-n-drop to save some extra time, as we all know those dog reels aren't going to watch themselves)
  • Check out
  • Make yourself comfortable (dog-video time!) and wait for the shiny, super-HD vector file we'll send you in a while.

Step 4) Order your custom t-shirts via Sticker Mule

print custom t-shirts at sticker mule

Now all that's left is to go to our custom t-shirts page, select the size and quantity for your order, the t-shirt color, and upload your new dog picture. You can also add any specific instructions you may have for the printing.

After you check out, we'll get back to you with a free online proof showing exactly what your dog t-shirt is going to look like. At this point, you can either request changes or just go right ahead and confirm the order.

Step 5) Share with the world!

Once you approve your designs, your t-shirt will start production, but you'll also now have a chance to share your brand new dog t-shirt design on your public profile page!

To share your design on your Sticker Mule profile, just follow these steps;

1) Click on the "Share a design" link on your order confirmation page (see below)

share designs on sticker mule

2) This will take you to your, reorder page. From here, hover over any past order and then click on "Share"

3) This is where you can select if you want to share your design with a secret link or publically on your profile page

share dog photo t-shirt design

This neat feature allows you to share your awesome new dog t-shirt with the whole Sticker Mule community or privately with whomever you want to share a link with!

Need to share your dog with even more people!? Well then, it's time for a new social media post — preferably one on Stimulus, the Happy Social Network! Just don't forget to tag us @stickermule so we can go check the results of your handiwork and give you a good ol' thumbs-up!

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