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New holographic stickers: Flux capacitor not included

Posted by Dave Traver on

Starting today, special holographic stickers will be available so you can add a retro rainbow sheen to any design.

Perfect for kids and kids at heart, we are eager to share this new product with you. Holographic stickers are now available.

All sticker material is specially developed in-house and holographic vinyl posed an exciting challenge. This material needed to be as sturdy as our original stickers but with an added iridescent shine. After over a year in development, we have it perfected to a place where we can share it.

Holographic material turns ordinary objects into animations. It engages people and grabs attention like crazy.

Try it today: upload a plain color design and our team will make it holographic. You can approve the effect during proofing to make sure your stickers are totally awesome.

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