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What are poly mailers and how do you ship them via USPS?

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Poly mailers, also known as polypropilene mailers or plastic mailing bags, are a popular and cost-effective option for shipping items through the United States Postal Service (USPS) or other shipping carriers. These lightweight, waterproof bags are made from a thin layer of plastic and are designed to protect items from moisture and other external elements during transit.

what are poly mailers for shipping on usps

One of the biggest advantages of using poly mailers is their low cost compared to other shipping options. Because they are lightweight and take up minimal space, they can help to reduce shipping costs, making them great for small businesses or anyone just looking to save money on shipping.

For example, the cost for us to ship a t-shirt in a standard (8.5” x 11.5” x 2”) box to the next town over on USPS is currently $3.49. If we change the packaging to a poly bag, the cost to ship the same exact product goes down to $1.92. That’s over a 50% savings!

As you can see, the more you ship, the more you save using poly mailers. When on top of that you consider poly mailers are quite inexpensive to purchase in bulk, you can see why they’re so popular with businesses that regularly ship a high volume of items.

Poly mailers also bring the best bang for your buck in durability and protection. Made from a thin layer of plastic resistant to tears and punctures, poly mailers help keep your items safe during transit and ensure your peace of mind. It also doesn’t hurt that the plastic material is waterproof, giving an extra layer of protection for items that may be sensitive to moisture.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shipping items via USPS with poly mailers. Firstl, size — make sure you select the correct size of poly mailer for your items. The USPS has specific guidelines for the size of packages that can be shipped, so have a look at it; choosing a poly mailer that is too small or too large can result in additional charges or delays in transit.

Next, remember to properly package your items before placing them in the poly mailer. Items should be packaged securely to prevent them from shifting or getting damaged during transit. Bubble wrap or packing paper can be useful for securing fragile items, and filling any empty spaces in the poly mailer with packing peanuts or similar materials can also help to keep the items stable.

Once you have packaged your items, you can seal the poly mailer. Most poly mailers come with a self-adhesive strip that can be easily sealed to keep the items securely inside. However, you can also use other forms of sealing like plastic ties or packing tape.

How do you ship them via USPS?

Before actually handing off your shipment to USPS, you'll need to purchase a shipping label. This can be done online through the USPS website, at your local post office, or even via Sticker Mule Ship for no additional fees. The cost of shipping will of course depend on the weight and destination of the package, as well as any additional services you may need (such as insurance or tracking).

As you can see, poly mailers are a cost-effective and protective way to ship items via USPS or other shipping carriers. They have a lot going for them: lightweight, waterproof and easy to use, can be purchased at low prices, and can also help to reduce shipping costs while keeping items safe during transit.

Just keep the usual caveats in mind: don’t forget to select the appropriate size of poly mailer and properly package your items before placing them in the poly mailer. And remember, you can purchase a shipping label online for your shipments without ever visiting the post office — thanks to Ship.

Follow these guidelines and you can help ensure your items are shipped safely and efficiently while you also save money on shipping!

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