simple design flat colour acrylic charm for art conventions/fairs - NOT a good option for selling


Honestly wasn't expecting much since there wasn't enough information on the site about the product, but I was still disappointed. The colour and clarity of the design printed well considering that it was a very simple design that's hard to mess up, but the material quality of the charm itself could be wayyy better. Note that the design is printed and attached to the back of the acrylic, which means it can easily get scratched off...THIS WAS NOT CLEAR ON THE SITE! The plastic feels cheap and the cutting of the acrylic charm is quite rough, as the edges are very scruffy/chipped. Each charm comes with a protective film on the front side which is great, but pretty tricky to remove. Shipping to Australia took an additional week to the estimated shipping time. Overall I wasn't expecting much for its sale price - thank goodness I didn't get it at full price - but I would not recommend it as a sellable item at conventions/art fairs.