Excellent printing job but not easy to get the backing off the sticker

Pauline Marwick

Very excited and promptly received my 150 (3"x4") stickers, absolutely perfect printing, size, colour and pricing very professional. EXCEPT for the trouble I encountered with the backing of the sticker itself. I found it near impossible to seperate the actual sticker from the backing and tried every corner hoping I can separate them, leaving them pretty grotty corners. I just naturally assumed there would be some sort of an easy-to-peel line on the back to do the job quickly and easier but didn't know I would have to request that when I ordered. Due to the nature and content of the stickers I cannot wait around anywhere at least 4 or 5 minutes inconspicuously somewhere trying every-which-way to get the dam back off them (I even tried a sewing needle to try and pry them apart but to no avail) as usually it would take about 4 or 5 seconds to separate with the easy-to-peel backing method as other friends around the the world are using the easy-to-peel one's. This is a pretty long review, so would like a quick cheaper outcome for myself and I will definitely be using your services again. Regards Pauline Marwick My nails aren't the best and my hands shake a bit (not stickermules fault of that though) so trying to use them would be near impossible. So I have just saved up 6 weeks of my pension (AUD $220) to o order these but cannot use them now which has wasted ALL my money, unless I put some sort of sticky tape over them . . . . So now I feel I will have to save up again on my 'Disability Support Pension' again and see what I could do with the same layout but with the easy-to-peel backing on and maybe get a price on that. I can definitely see All-in-all you seem to have a very professional business and customer service, but this has really, really stopped me with my quest, so am thinking of sending them back and trying to rectify them the cheapest way for me Regards Pauline Marwick