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5 DIY gift ideas that require no skill

Von Olga Lioudvinevitch gepostet

We compiled five gifts (plus one bonus) you can make right now. No expertise required. They are personal, won’t break the bank, and they are guaranteed to bring joy to your family and friends year-round.

1. Pet stickers

Give your furry / scaly friend some street cred. Upload your pet photo to Trace and watch it magically erase the background. Use that same file to get die-cut stickers.

Die cut dog stickers

2. Personalized coasters

Wood is precious and water rings are awful. Everyone could use a coaster in their house, something that matches their personal style. Use our templates to create your own or snag one of the designs from our video right now.

3. Family photo magnet

Photos are memories that deserve a chance to live outside of your phone. Maybe some are special enough to make it to your fridge. Make a custom magnet for everyone in the family; you can even send some to grandma.

Custom family magnets

Use Trace to cut out characters and order magnets right from the page.

4. Bumper stickers

Show that you support your loved ones’ causes. Help them move the needle with some bumper sticker advertising.

Bumper stickers

Use our bumper sticker templates here or just send us a logo/image and we’ll automatically create a digital proof.

5. Face wall decals

It’s party time! Celebrate the guest of honor with a huge (sticky but removable) decal of their face. Just send us a selfie and we’ll do the rest.

Face wall decals


For a person who is itching to get creative and make something beautiful of their own, just give them a gift card and show them this post.

If you’re inspired and want to get on it, we’re here for you with free 2-day shipping and 4-day turnaround on most orders.

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